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  • Welcome is the largest supplier of Bidets, Electronic Bidet Seats, Integrated Toilet Bidets, Non-Electric Bidet Seats, Bidet Attachments and Personal Hygiene products for Australia, New Zealand and South-east Asia.
  • Welcome
    At RNJ Group, know that no two customers or any two bathrooms are the same and for that reason we prefer to ensure that our customers make the right decision when choosing a bidet product, taking into account their individual needs and their particular bathroom.
  • Welcome
    Our Philosophy is to provide the most superior service possible to our customers and clients, knowing that our knowledge and technical expertise will ensure that they will always receive the right product for their situation and their needs.
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About Us

australianbidet is the largest and fastest growing company in the Australian bidet industry. We pride ourselves on being leaders and innovators in the field of bidets, bidet equipment and bidet accessories. Whether you are just concerned about personal hygiene or you are a senior citizen, disabled or have impaired motor functions, we are confident that we can help you find the right bidet for you


Why can't you just order online here? Well, we pride ourselves on our service, and we would like to speak to you to get the right toilet, washlet or combination that will suit your needs. Give us a call we can help you in your purchase and after sales service that does not compare to any other company.


If you call our team on 1300 883 766, they will help you to select the most suitable product from the extensive range of sophisticated bidet products displayed here on this website.

Products that we sell have the appropriate certifications, Level 1 Watermark, Wels Rating or Electrical Compliance to all relevent Australian Standards


If you are building or renovating your bathroom, contact us now for exceptional prices for a matched toilet and bidet seat.


We have all types and configurations, linked, close-coupled, wall hung with in-wall cisterns and these are matched with selected bidet seats that are the right size, shape and appearance.


We have taken all the guesswork out of it for you. Have a look through the range of toilet/ bidet combinations, choose the one that appeals to you then give us a call for a quote.