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We support the Ray Hadley 70's collection cd, all royalties form sales are donated by Ray for Motor Neuron Disease research.

You can also support this worthy cause by purchasing CD.

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Bidet seats - changing lives for the better !
The Pristine range offers two models with remote controls so it's ingenious wireless remote control offers completely "hands free hygiene" for everyone!  In fact, this sophisticated and technologically advanced bidet seat is so versatile that our technicians have been able to adapt and fit this bidet seat to several disability aids and equipment.
This bidet seat is recommended for elderly patients and those with disabilities, mobility problems or with medical conditions, muscular or spinal disorders or other neurological conditions.  Requiring only the simple touch of large format buttons to control the washing and drying functions clients from all over Australia now have greater independence, renewed dignity and self-esteem because they no longer rely on a carer for the most "intimate" of personal tasks.  Almost everyone can tend to their own toileting whether in hospital, hostel, nursing home or their own home; a thorough, gentle warm wash and dry with no reaching or touching needed.
So many people can now enjoy renewed dignity without the embarrassment of relying on others for help.

The "Combo" TM

The Perfect Combination for a totally accessible toilet. . . now you can have the best of both with our BioBidet seat and unique Throne rail system; both are easily removable and interchangeable.
A BioBidet seat combined with the new specially designed ?Throne? rail fits together in a tidy, compact and extremely functional unit, to give you the ultimate in safety, comfort, security and support when toileting. Everyone can now enjoy greater independence, renewed dignity and self esteem because you can rely on the combination of strength and stability provided by this latest innovation by Australia's Throne Accessories and state-of-the-art technology from the world-wide leader in bidet seat design and manufacture, Pristine.
The 3-in-rail was designed here in Australia by an occupational therapist at Throne, specifically for use in combination with a bidet seat and the rail is exclusive to for all remote control seats.
Directors and associates of include a General Practitioner and an Occupational Therapist who are able to answer most of your queries and to advise as to the most appropriate solution to your medical or disability problem.
If we can't answer your query; we have medical and health specialists (customers actually) who are more than happy to help with their advice.
Our Manager is a qualified builder and we have a plumbers and electronics and mechanical engineers who can help with most technical problems.
Please contact us on 1300 883 766 friendly, caring assistance and advice; or email