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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bidet?

A 'bidet' (pronounced bee-dáy ) is a personal cleansing method utilising a stream of water, which is more hygienic and beneficial to the use of toilet paper. 

Then what is an electronic bidet?

It is an electronic toilet seat that attaches to your existing toilet bowl. It replaces your existing toilet seat and has a number of functions including heated seat, posterior wash, feminine wash, enema wash, warm air drying and deodoriser.


What actually happens?
When you press the "wash" button, a wand, about the size and shape of a fat pencil (that is hidden under the seat) automatically extends, washes itself, and then sprays a carefully aimed aerated stream of water for a few seconds, or until you touch the "stop" button. Then the wand rinses itself off again, and it retracts, out of the way again.
Does anything touch me?
No. The only thing that touches you is clean fresh water ...nothing else.
How do I know when I am clean?
The engineers have been perfecting bidet seats for decades, and millions of them have been sold. They have plenty of research on exactly what it takes to clean one's posterior. If you have any doubts, you can always press the wash button again or check with toilet paper.
How does the dryer work?
Very much like a gentle blow dryer for your hair. The time and temperature are adjustable for your convenience.
How does the deodoriser work?
The deodoriser starts automatically as soon as you sit down and stops approximately a minute after you stand up. It is little a mini exhaust fan, sucking air from bowl, blowing it through deodriser block to neaurtalise odour, and back into room.
Can I flush the toilet "normally' with a bidet seat installed?
Yes, although the water supply for the bidet seat and the toilet cistern is from the same source (the stop-tap beside the toilet), there is plenty of water for both.  The installation of a bidet seat in no way affects the normal operation of your toilet.  You still need to flush your toilet as you have always done.
Do these things really work?
Do they ever! Take the Toilet Paper Test for yourself and see just how truly clean you are after using bidet seat.  In fact, when you leave the bathroom you'll feel cleaner, fresher and more confident than you ever did before.  Actor Will Smith said "it's like a shower in the middle of the day".
How does the Turbo Wash or enema function work?
The enema function is to assist and aid in one's regular personal hygiene routines. It is not intended to take the place of a doctor prescribed enema, but simply a more thorough cleansing aid for problems such as hemorrhoids, constipation and diarrhoea. A gentle swirling jet of water massages and relaxes the anus allowing the water to enter. One then evacuates the bowel and uses the posterior wash to finish.


What about electricity and water is it dangerous?
No, so long as your power point has been installed in accordance with Australian regulations and Standards, the bidet seat is no more dangerous than any other approved electrical appliance in the kitchen or bathroom.
Can I get burned by the heated seat?
No, the seat temperature is adjustable through four settings from room temperature to about 40 degrees C. Just think about those cold winter mornings
Can I get burned by the dryer?
No, the air temperature is adjustable too, through five settings from room temperature to around 42 degrees C, which is less than a hair dryer.
What if the water pressure is uncomfortable?
Serious inflammation or irritation might cause the water pressure feel a little too brisk. In that case, the pressure is easily adjustable with from the control panel. The water pressure is adjustable over a range of five steps.
Can bidet seats be used by the elderly and handicapped?
Most definitely. A remote control model, like the Pristine 501R or Pristine Hi-Tech is recommended for the elderly, handicapped and anyone needing assistance with daily personal hygiene. Simple to use controls will gently clean all genital areas comfortably and without embarrassment.  
Can bidet seats be used by children?
Most definitely, in fact one of our manufacturers makes a smaller sized electronic bidet seat specifically for children. 
Most manufacturers actually incorporate a Child Function into the bidet controls.  This is to protect really little kids by disabling the highest water pressure, the highest temperature and the Turbo Wash.  After 15 minutes the bidet resets to normal functions.

Size and Shape

I see that bidet seats come in round and elongated sizes. How do I know which one I need?
Round - In Australia older or basic toilets are round. The most popular toilet suites and pans in Australia are made by Caroma and Fowler, these also are generally round.  Inside the rim of a round toilet bowl is about 28 - 29cm wide and 30 - 32cm long. 
Elongated - This shape is the most common shape in the United States.  It is quite a noticeable difference.  An elongated seat is slightly longer and wider than the round shape seats and will tend to hang over the pan a little bit.  We recommend that people with a larger frame (that is have a bigger backside) use an elongated seat.
If you're still wondering, you can measure from the line of the two mounting bolts at the seat hinge, to the very outside front of the toilet bowl.  That measurement will be about 42 - 44cm if the bowl is round; and 45cm or more if your bowl is elongated.
And if you are still unsure, call our 1300 number and our friendly tech person will only to happy to advise you.  It helps if you know the make and model of your toilet pan or even have some idea of it's age.  Alternatively, email us requesting our full size templates.
If you are installing a new toilet suite and want to know what to get to best suit a bidet seat, contact our technical staff on 1300 883 766.  Some brands and models of toilet suites fit a bidet seat really well, others are OK and others do not fit well at all.  Our technical guys are able to advise which is which.
Here is an example of the measurements you will need to know:
bidetmeasurements.jpg - small


Are bidet seats easy to install?
All bidet seats and attachments are designed for D.I.Y (Do-It-Yourself) and parts are included, standard and for Australian installation. All bidet products come with owner's manuals or installation guide. Best of all, our professional customer service representatives can assist you over the phone if you have any problems.
Installation is really simple
  1. Remove the existing toilet seat
  2. Turn off the water at the stop tap and flush the cistern
  3. Remove the existing cistern pipe
  4. Install backflow prevention device and three-way 'T' adapter
  5. Connect new flexible hose to cistern
  6. Fix Bracket to toilet pan (sometimes black rubber bolts must be used also, they will be in box)
  7. Slide th eWashlet or bidet seat onto bracket (you will hear a click sound to ensure it is on properly)
  8. Connect to GPO


Do they require major plumbing work?
No, most bidet seats work with your existing plumbing. Unlike a conventional bidet, a bidet seat simply takes the place of your existing seat and attaches to your existing toilet. All major parts that you would need to install a bidet seat come with the unit including detailed installation instructions.
In some instances, the toilet cistern may be top-inlet (meaning that the water stop tap is inside the cistern) or may be inside the wall cavity; our technical guys can advise you on the alternative installation procedures.  They are only a phone call away on 1300 883 766
How Do I connect electricity?
All of our electronic bidet seats are designed to connect directly to an existing 240 volt power outlet.  Generally, the units have a 1.8 metre cord with standard 3 pin plug.
We also has non-electric models, that are cold water wash.


It's hard enough to keep a regular toilet clean. How do I clean the bidet seat?
You clean the bidet seat the same as you would a normal toilet seat.  In fact a bidet seat can be detached for easier cleaning. Think gentle and green.


How long does it take to deliver my new bidet seat?
Most orders are processed and sent via courier to your door, however we can send via Australia Post (registered and insured) within 48 hours of order.