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Water Filters

nullAustralia is blessed to have some of the purest, uncontaminated water supplies in the World.  Most bidet seats are fitted with fine filters to prevent larger impurities and solid particles getting into the bidet seat; even old, rusty water pipes within your house can affect the water and potentially cause damage to your bidet seat.
There are areas in Australia that have heavily mineralised, contaminated or salty water supply; for this reason, most bidet seats have a fine mesh filter in the incoming water line.
Further purification of water is often required by users to ensure maximum personal hygiene.  Iodine & Carbon filters can provide an extra level of purification eliminating water contaminants such as chlorine and mineral salts.
Maximum purification is achieved by using the Carbon Filter.
Purification and sterilization can be obtained with the Iodine Filter 
  • Efficient Sterilsation
  • Affordable Yet Practical
  • Easy Add-on
  • Iodine & Carbon Type
  • Eliminates Chlorine
  • Prevent Calcium Build-Up
Generally, filters can purify water up to 1,500 flushes.
It's recommended that filters are replaced every 6 to 9 months.

Iodine Filter


Carbon Filter


Easy Installation

Recommended Retail Price: 
Iodine Filter       $39.00 (including GST)      Three pack      $109.00 (including GST)
Carbon Filter      $29.00 (including GST)      Three pack      $79.00 (including GST)
Plus postage
This filter will fit all 1/2" in-line bidet seat water supplies.