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Health, Hygiene and Medical

Australian study proves the personal hygiene benefits of a bidet seat

A study carried out in Australia last year has found that improved personal hygiene provided by the regular use of a bidet seat, can significantly reduce the incidence of urinary tract infection (UTI's) in aged care facilities.
Because UTI's are the most common bacterial infection affecting residents in long term aged care, the study objective was to show that the incidence of UTI'S can be reduced through education and improved personal hygiene, then share this knowledge and hopefully influence the Aged Care industry in Australia with the findings.
The study titled "Minimise UTI'S through education and improved personal hygiene" was implemented by Ms. Allison Burke-McDermott at Chelsea Manor.  Chelsea Manor is a 70 bed '5 star' aged care facility in Melbourne, Australia; accommodating residents in single bed rooms with an attached ensuite.
The methodology for the study was to identify a suitable group of residents that have been diagnosed with recurrent UTI'S over a 6 month period, then to develop and implement appropriate personal hygiene strategies and to collect data over the following 6 month trial period.
The most significant strategy employed in the study was to install a BioBidet Supreme BB-1000 bidet seat in the common bathroom of Chelsea Manor's 20 bed dementia specific unit.  The dementia unit was chosen because the residents in this unit are usually fully toileted by staff, generally in their own ensuite.
Five residents were identified with a history of recurrent UTI'S and these became the control group.  Staff were instructed to toilet this control group at all times possible using the bidet.  In addition to the control group, staff were also encouraged to toilet the other 15 residents, where possible, using the bidet.  The control group were initially charted by staff to measure frequency of toileting, what wash cycle was used, the resident?s motions on the toilet and also the state of the resident, whether agitated, confused or resistive when using the bidet.  After the initial charting period of 7 days, no adverse reactions to the bidet were recorded and surprisingly, some residents really looked forward to their toilet visit.
After the six month trial period all of the data was collected and measured against the data from the previous six months.
The most significant finding was that UTI?s diagnosed in the control group during the study period was nil.    Data also showed that across the whole 20 bed dementia unit, urinary tract infections diagnosed had dropped to only a third of the number of diagnoses for the same period in 2009.  This could be due to residents outside the control group not using the bidet at all times during the study period.  
Ms. Burke-McDermott said "the continence foundation of Australia quotes that 25% of nursing staff time is claimed to be spent on directly dealing with the consequence of incontinence, and further claims that bladder control problems take up an estimated 60% of nursing time. With incontinence a high cause of UTI'S, I conclude that the implementation of the strategies introduced in this study could greatly reduce the incidence of UTI'S in Aged Care Facilities, thus substantially lowering the costs involved, both human and financial." provided technical advice and the bidet seats for the study.



Health & Hygiene

A bidet toilet seat offers a personal cleansing method utilising a stream of warmed water to wash after toileting; this is more hygienic and beneficial than using toilet paper.
We all understand and appreciate that washing with water is the simplest and purest method of cleaning known to man.
It just seems so logical that a warm water wash is much gentler than toilet paper can ever be. The user knows immediately that the result is a fresh, clean feeling that can never be achieved with wiping with paper.

Health and Wellness For The Whole Family

Keeping all of the body's orifices clean and clear of infection is important to maintaining health and wellbeing; particularly the rectal and vaginal openings. The anus has hundreds of sensitive nerves and very fine wrinkles. Even the gentlest toilet paper can't clean these delicate tissues effectively. Wiping with dry paper will certainly cause irritation and leave residue that with time, will cause bacterial growth (of the bad kind) which can cause infections. Rubbing with toilet paper only spreads these bacteria around the vaginal and rectal areas, causing contamination that could then lead to urinary tract infections, vaginal infections and infections around anal area if the skin is broken, especially when complicated by hemorrhoids. Continuing to irritate these extra sensitive areas with dry paper only increases the discomfort from itching and possibly bleeding of the affected areas, which can further lead to additional internal gynaecological or colon problems. This, of course, doesn't happen to everyone nor does it happen over night, but it does happen to a large percentage of our population sometime in their life, causing significant pain and discomfort.

Turbo Wash (or enema function)

Our most popular electronic bidet seats, have an enema wash function. This function should not be confused with a medical or therapeutic enema. There are no intrusive procedures; the enema feature allows the user to have a more thorough rectal cleansing than a normal posterior wash. The enema function provides a painless, gentle stream of warm water directly through the rectum and into the lower colon. Once inside the lower colon, the warm water helps loosen and clean the walls of hard faeces which can then be evacuated into the toilet. This function would be of great assistance for anyone suffering constipation or diarrhoea.

Household Germ Control

Using a bidet seat is hands-free cleaning and drying; this alone can significantly reduce or eliminate contamination in the home caused by the spreading of germs and bacteria from the bathroom via unwashed or improperly washed hands.

Germ Control In The Workplace

Industries such as hospitality, restaurants and food preparation, medical or other laboratories requiring sterile conditions, hospitals and assisted care facilities, or in fact any workplace preparing food or other products for human consumption or use, or where intimate contact between individuals is unavoidable; then the hands-free cleansing of a bidet seat is a first line of defence against the consequences of contamination, such as food poisoning, infection or disease.


Many bidet seats feature a feminine wash function. Women will feel completely clean, refreshed and confident after using this; the gentle warm water spray can be adjusted for position and there are comfort settings to suit any woman's personal needs. Completely hands-free, the soothing warm and cleansing water is particularly beneficial after sexual intercourse and during menstruation. The feminine wash will also ease and help alleviate the discomforts felt during and after pregnancy; as well as rashes, constipation and the soreness and bleeding caused by diarrhoea and hemorrhoids.


Men will feel confident and personally secure, knowing they are completely clean and fresh. The relaxing, warm cleansing water and air dryer, allows a completely, hands-free experience. The warm water wash also helps relieve the discomforts of constipation, the embarrassment of rectal itching and the soreness from diarrhoea and hemorrhoids.


Bidet seats are gentle enough for children. In fact, toileting becomes fun for them; so much so that it's difficult to get kids to ever use toilet paper again.
And don't worry; products are chosen for their robustness as well as their technology and quality. Proper supervision and training is, of course, necessary for children to develop good, personal hygiene habits so that they might grow and live their lives without many of the discomforts and health problems much of our modern society is living with today.

Medical and Occupational Therapy


Elderly and Infirm

The elderly can again enjoy dignity, independence and self confidence with no assistance, or at least minimal assistance, required for their toileting. Carers will understand how this completely hands-free, personal hygiene toilet appliance, allows the senior to experience the refreshing and gentle affects of the warm water cleansing the genital and rectal areas in privacy. The warm air dryer means that there's no need for toilet paper or the embarrassment of requiring assistance from anyone else.
Aged persons with incontinence or mobility problems, such as arthritis, or disorders such as Parkinson's or MS, will immediately appreciate the benefits.


Those people with limitations in body movement due to a handicap or disability will also feel their self confidence and personal dignity restored when they can use the toilet again without the need for assistance. The remote control models allows a totally hands-free toilet experience in complete privacy. Assisting a disabled person with their toileting is embarrassing for both parties and carers will immediately see the benefit of the warm water wash and warm air blow drier; which means no need for toilet paper or being required to assist in the cleaning process. The large format soft touch control buttons are easy to use by those with minimal dexterity.

Innovations In Medical and Occupational Therapy is Australia's leading innovator in the field of assisted care in toileting. We are continually sourcing new products as well as developing new products of our own. Our technicians are modifying, adapting and accessorising bidet seats to suit the individual circumstances of clients.
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Online Consultation Available has everyone needed to provide understanding and caring health and hygiene advice, as well as being able to answer your most difficult building or plumbing questions. We have within our immediate company personnel; a general practitioner, a certified Occupational Therapist, a registered builder and plumber.
We also have access to a wide range of specialists, practitioners, consultants and engineers who also happen to be happy customers and advocates of benefits of bidet seats.
No matter whether you have the simplest question or the most difficult problem; we'll give you the answer and we'll find a solution ! That's our promise !