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Medical & Aids for Daily Life

Elderly or infirm?

The elderly can again enjoy dignity, independence and self confidence with no assistance, or at least minimal assistance, required for their toileting. Carers will understand how this completely hands-free, personal hygiene toilet appliance, allows the senior to experience the refreshing and gentle affects of the warm water cleansing the genital and rectal areas in privacy. The warm air dryer means that there's no need for toilet paper or the embarrassment of requiring assistance from anyone else.
Aged persons with incontinence or mobility problems, such as arthritis, or disorders such as Parkinsons or MS, will immediately appreciate the benefits.

Mobility Issues?

Those people with limitations in body movement due to a handicap or disability will also feel their self confidence and personal dignity restored when they can use the toilet again without the need for assistance. The Pristine 501R and Pristine Hi-Tech models allows a totally hands-free toilet experience in complete privacy. Assisting a disabled person with their toileting is embarrassing for both parties and carers will immediately see the benefit of the warm water wash and warm air blow drier; which means no need for toilet paper or being required to assist in the cleaning process.


Toto Neorest AH is the answer for you or your client, weight capacity os over 220kgs, and the seat is roomy! 

Innovations in Medical and Occupational Therapy is Australia's leading innovator in the field of assisted care in toileting. We are continually sourcing new products as well as developing new products of our own.
Our technicians are modifying, adapting and accessorising bidet seats to suit the individual circumstances of clients.  We work in partnership with our manufacturers to create aids that willmake your life easier to live.

Online Consultation available has the staff to provide understanding and caring health and hygiene advice, as well as being able to answer your most difficult building or plumbing questions. We have within our immediate company personnel; a general practitioner, a certified Occupational Therapist, a registered builder and plumber.
We also have access to a wide range of specialists, practitioners, consultants and engineers who also happen to be happy customers and advocates of benefits of bidet seats.
No matter whether you have the simplest question or the most difficult problem; we'll give you the answer and we'll find a solution ! That's our promise!