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Outback Travel Bidet

A Must For Travelers and People on the move!

This Unique Personal Hygiene System makes your after-toilet cleaning more convenient and effective than toilet paper could ever be and it's so portable it'll fit into your glove box or even a hand bag.
The Outback Travel Bidet is our way of helping you to " enjoy the comforts of home, even when you're not !"


Like any bidet, the Travel Bidet will help relieve the discomforts caused by hemorrhoids, infections, itching, etc. This is an essential accessory for mothers with young children and infants.  The Travel Bidet allows everyone to be fresh and clean anytime, anywhere, even when you're away from home!
  • nullCompact, designed to fit car glove box or even a handbag
  • Safe for warm water washing
  • Convenient push button operation
  • Needs only single AA battery operation.
  • Only 250grams and body size is only 13.0cm long x 7.5cm wide
  • Ideal for personal hygiene when using public rest rooms                                                           
  • Resistant to chemicals and cleaning agents
  • Simple to operate - pull out the sliding tank, fill with cool or warm water, open out the nozzle and use the unit at a comfortable angle from either front or back.
  • Different functions may be achieved by using the appropriate nozzles.
The external spray head is intended for external washing of genital and anal areas
The internal spray head is intended for internal feminine washing or douching.
The nursing spray head is intended for general washing of body parts of infants and patients confined to bed
NOW ON SALE FOR $77.00 (including GST)