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The Combo - For Your Comfort, Security and Support!


The Perfect Combination for your toilet or bathroom.

Our Pristine 501R and Pristine Hi-Tech seats combined with the specially designed “Throne” rails fits together in a tidy, compact and extremely functional unit, to give you the ultimate in comfort, security and support when toileting. You can now enjoy greater independence, renewed dignity and self esteem because you can rely on the combination of strength and stability provided by the latest innovation by Australia's Throne Accessories and state-of-the-art technology from Pristine.

The Combo is The Answer!

All of our Pristine remote control models offer completely "hands free" hygiene for everyone, requiring only the simple touch of soft large buttons to operate washing and drying functions when toileting.
When Pristine is combined with our "Combo" rail system, (The Perfect Combination), almost everyone can attend to their own toileting independantly whether at home, in a hostel, hospital or nursing home.
The exclusive Pristine "Combo" is a dream for nurses and carers alike; giving everyone dignity, security and comfort.

Throne Accessories

Over the past few years a new support rail has been marketed to assist individuals whilst toileting. This support rail differs from all others in that it is rigidly fixed to the toilet bowl rather than the surrounding wall(s), or floor and is made of powder-coated steel giving it the strength and firmness sought after. The toilet support rails have been purposely developed to suit the differing needs of the user, whether they are frail aged, stroke victims, hip and knee replacement, or sports injuries.
The Throne Toilet rails are manufactured in Australia and distributed by Throne Accessories Pty Ltd in all States of Australia. The rails are being installed in nursing homes and hospitals, as well as in private homes. The purpose of the Throne Toilet rail is to provide safety, promote independence, comfort and dignity to the user when using the toilet.
The Australian designed and manufactured Throne Rail System is made of powder coated tubular steel. It provides a level of security and confidence previously unavailable. It attaches firmly to the bowl and is independent of wall or floor support. By enabling secure access to toileting, it promotes independence to its user, whilst assisting carers.
It avoids the risk of unstable supports such as taps and toilet roll holders and removes the need for mobile toilet frames, enabling clear floor space for cleaning.
The Throne Toilet Rail is bolted together with the toilet seat at the rear of the toilet, and is held firmly to the outside of the bowl with additional rubber capped bolts. There are no movable parts once the Toilet Rail is installed providing rigid fixture.
The Throne Toilet Rail height from the rim of the toilet bowl to the top of the Toilet Rail has been specifically designed to give the user comfortable leverage up from the toilet, as well as security to hold onto whilst lowering onto the toilet seat.
Occupational therapists, support groups and carers please feel free to call our expert staff for advice, information or for a quotation. We are happy to do an inservice presentation or demostration, please contact us.
If you are applying for funding, we are able to provide "special circumstance" pricing.