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The unique design of TOTO's Eco Washer is the economical alternative for those looking for TOTO innovation and technology without a high price.

The Eco Washer is made using high quality materials and operates without electricity.  The nozzle automatically retracts into a specially designed self clean housing to ensure a high level of hygiene during and after use.  With a simple turn of the knob, the nozzle switches position and sprays a gentle stream of natural water.  The spray of water from the nozzle is mixed with air bubbles (aerated) to give a strong but gentle stream of water. 
The Eco Washers are elongated, and can be longer than alot of Australian toilet pans, so we do recommend you call to ask for the dimensions of each Eco-washer seat, as they differ.
TCW1211A - a soft close lid and seat with two washes