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TOTO Washlet TCF4732AT - D-shape

TOTO Washlet TCF4731AT - Elongated shape

The ultimate in luxury Washlets, these new washlets have all the the advantages of the Neorest range, with the benefit of being able to fit pan of your choice.
Now you can have TOTO on a wall hung pan, floor mount pan or close coupled, to suit you and your bathroom.
A remote control model of Washlet that has all the features you have come to expect... and more.
  • ewater+ which sprays and keeps toilet bowl and nozzle clean by preventing bacteria; having a sanitizing effect
  • Auto lid opening and closing
  • New wide wash and pulsating cleaning
  • Oscillating wash
  • Auto soft light for night time use
  • Powerful auto deodoriser
  • Easy removal for cleaning.
  • Full 3 Years Warranty

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TCF6530ATTOTO Washlet TCF6530AT - Round shape

  • Australian Standards approved & WaterMark Licence -
  • Backflow prevention device included along with all required parts.